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Enjoy wine longer with the new VinEdge wine preserver.
VinEdge is an ideal solution for restaurateurs and wine connoisseurs who wish to savor the taste and freshness of wine. VinEdge is made up of a sleek, no-pump spout and a disposable tube that is placed on an open bottle of wine. As the wine is poured, the tube inflates in the bottle, creating a vacuum and reducing the amount of air that touches the wine. Once the entire bottle has been enjoyed, the spout is removed, leaving the detachable tube in the bottle for easy cleanup. The stylish VinEdge spout is available in a variety of materials and colors, and the package includes extra disposable tubes and a base for the pourer when it is not in use.


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This innovative wine preservation tool combines design, materials and functionality into one simple, sleek product. VinEdge’s patent-pending design uses fluid dynamics to make protecting wine effortless. No mess, no pumping and no more spoiled wine. Invest in your wines with VinEdge.
Pour. Preserve. Enjoy. {Repeat}





In 2010, three wine lovers from Austin, Texas, set out to find a better way to preserve and extend the flavorBottle_upright_bag-only profile of their favorite vintages. Dr. Tim Dziuk, Jennifer Dale and Thomas Hill started on this journey because they believe wine is one of the everyday joys of life, an experience that should be slow, relaxed and shared with friends.The idea for VinEdge came from watching fellow wine drinkers repeatedly receive a glass of wine that was past its prime. 

“I wondered, ‘Can restaurants find a better way to handle this?'” Tim said.

In hopes of finding a solution, Tim and his wife experimented with various wine preservation gadgets and costly storage systems, but those products just didn’t work well. A busy physician, Tim shared his concept for VinEdge with his colleague and friend, Jennifer, who immediately saw the potential in Tim’s idea for a durable, non-messy preservation tool.

“I like to savor the bottle over two or three days,” Jennifer said. “VinEdge is a product that will allow more people to enjoy better wine longer.”

Before VinEdge, Jennifer would refrain from buying a more expensive bottle because she didn’t want to choose between drinking it in one sitting, or allowing it to deteriorate. “I like to savor the bottle over two or three days,” Jennifer said. “VinEdge is a product that allows more people to enjoy better wine longer.”

Tim enlisted his friend Tom, a retired banker and investment consultant, to help make VinEdge available to restaurateurs, sommeliers and wine drinkers across the country.

After researching their options, the founders turned to Beknown, an Austin-based product development and marketing company, to refine Tim’s original design, and develop a line of products for home and commercial use.

“Beknown is a class act,” Tim said.

Three years after Tim began this endeavor, the founders of VinEdge are proud to debut VinEdge, a stylish, smart wine preservation tool that makes storing wine clean and easy. VinEdge elevates the wine drinking experience by giving wine lovers more time to savor and enjoy good wine.

“I want to see VinEdge available everywhere wine is poured, bought and sold to preserve taste from the first glass to the last.  I want people to hold on to good wine,” Tim said.

Cheers to preserving and enjoying wine!


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